Frequently Asked Questions:

Is this covered by insurance?
Yes, most insurance companies will pay for Occupational Therapy services with a referral from your doctor.  Please call or visit your physician or chiropractor and ask them to fax a referral to (262)652-1124.  We also offer a discounted cash rate of $80 per treatment for those wishing to receive treatment outside of the health insurance system. You may pay with cash, check, credit/debit, or Health Savings Account card.  We are unable to accept Medicare at this time. 

Do I need a physician referral?
You do not need a referral from a physician or chiropractor for Occupational Therapy services.  However in some cases your insurance may require one.

How long before I notice results?
As with any therapy program, results are cumulative, consecutive treatments build on one another.  Most people will notice some degree of pain relief or decrease in symptoms during the first appointment. We generally recommend 1-2 visits per week for the first few weeks and for those in an acute stage of injury/illness.  Beyond that, you and your therapist will work together to determine a treatment plan that works for you.

What do I wear to treatment?
We recommend wearing loose, comfortable clothing during your appointment.   Wearing or bringing gym shorts and a loose T-shirt is recommended.

How is this different than massage?
At the WI Center for Myofascial Release, treatment is provided by a skilled licensed Occupational Therapist.  You can be confident that your practitioner has experience and expert training in anatomy and physiology to provide safe, effective, and individualized treatment. We do not use massage oil on the skin. You are typically fully clothed wearing loose fitting comfortable clothing. We use structural manipulation techniques to make lasting changes in tissues that facilitate improved posture, alignment, and function. Techniques are generally very slow, sustained pressure or stretch into the system wherever a restriction is found, and the technique is held until a release is felt. Pressure can be very light, or with moderate pressure depending on the tissue. This comprehensive treatment works with many systems in the body, you may also be taught exercises or a be given a home program.

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